Top 5 Free Best Whiteboard Animation Software For Android (2020 Updated)


This is a comprehensive guide that lists the top 5 Whiteboard Animation Softwares that you can use on your android devices, both on tablets and mobile phones. The average person watches online video, either via social media apps or via youtube and other online platforms. Studies shows that 6 out of 10 people watch videos online. This is to show you the importance of online video as a tool for marketing.

There are various types of videos like marketing presentation videos, vlogs, social media adverts, etc. Some of these videos may be complicated to create while others may be simple to create depending on the tools at your disposal. Whiteboard animation softwares makes it easier for complete beginners to create professional videos either for their business, marketing adverts or school presentations. There are various whiteboard animation softwares online. Some are free to downloads while some are premium in which you have to pay to get access to them. There are also some that are freemium in the sense that they are free for start, but you need to pay to unlock specific features.

Also There are general free whiteboard animations softwares with minimal feature and functionalities, these are good for complete newbie or beginners who are new to the world of video creation. Its always advisable that beginners start wit free whiteboard animation softwares to get experience and knowledge before moving onto paid ones.

Top 5 Free Whiteboard Apps For Android in 2020

All the whiteboard apps we would be listing today can be downloaded for free from Google playstore and can be used for creating and editing videos for youtube, school presentation, corporate events, etc.

1. Explain Everything (Playstore)

Explain Everything is one of the top trending Android whiteboard animation app so much loved by a lot of users. With more than 100,000 active users and 3.6+ playstore rating, it boasts of a nice and intuitive interface. Explain Everything Whiteboard video android app is very easy to use and its suitable for school presentation videos, marketing videos, etc. A lot of its users includes tutors, teachers, marketing executives, etc.  It also has a lot of juicy features like Addition of audio, recording and sharing whiteboard  videos with multiple users, etc. With the free plan, you get access to 200MB drive storage, collaboration with teams and exporting of 60seconds long video.

2. Whiteboard Android (Playstore  )

This is one of the most top most downloaded whiteboard android app 2020 on playstore. With more than 500K downloads, it is being used by a lot of people and it offers so much features like Draw painting, kids board, doodle desk, etc. This is good for those who are good at drawing, as you can bring your drawings to life by converting them to videos.  Also with this app, you can create doodles for kids. The app is optimized for both android phones and tablets.

3. Clapp Whiteboard Animation App (Playstore)

Clapp is aunique and different android whiteboard animation software. It is one of the most loved whiteboard animation app majorly used by students, tutors, teachers, lecturers and professors for tutorial videos and assignment. It is majorly used for creating classroom contents and materials for students. It has various unique features like Live video conferencing, Transcriptions, collaborations, etc.

With clapp, you can record audio and video contents for your students and share easily via youtube and other sharing platforms. It also saves your data securely on its secured online server. The app is free and its basic free features are always enough for what you want to achieve, but if you subscribe to its premium, you would get access to unlimited storage spaces, unlimited lessons, etc.

4. myViewBoard Android Whiteboard App (Playstore)

If you are looking for a very easy to use digital whiteboard animation app, then myviewboard is your best bet. Its very easy to use and intuitive. Any beginner or newbie can lay their hands onthis software and create wonderful animations with it. The user uses annotating pens and paints to draw on surface and move from pages to pages. The app is free to download from playstore. With over 50 thousand downloads and more than 4.2 ratings, it stands as one of the best android app to try out.

5. Jamboard By Google (Playstore)

Jamboard is google’s own digital whiteboard animation app available for free download. It has a lot of features which includes drawing with pen, sharing and collaborating on videos in real time, it also incorporates sticky notes to allow you jot down your ideas while brainstorming. This is the perfect app for those who are low on budget but are looking for professional whiteboard app to use. With more than 500 thousands installs, it can be used for professional video creation, meeting presentations, etc. You can also export your videos across google’s other services like drives, etc

We have showed you the top 5 free android whiteboard animations you can download to save cost.