How To Download Music & Songs From Tik Tok


In this tutorial or guide, i am going to explain the step by step process you need to download tiktok sounds and music on your phone. Tik tok is one of the top downloaded social media apps in 2020 and this is due to its creativity and innovation in the media space. Tik tok allows its users to upload and share videos and music files.

When browsing through tik tok, you sometimes come across nice songs and audio music that you like and wish to download on your phone, but you cant as tik tok doesnt allow that feature yet. Tiktok only allows its users to download videos only. This can be frustrating, but we have a wonderful solution on how you can get those songs easily.

You can watch the below video to learn the process.


How To Download Tik Tok Songs and Music

Follow the below steps to download tik tok songs on your mobile devices.

Step 1: Copy The Music Link

Open the Tik tok app and go to the video that has the song you want to download. Below the video, at the bottom, you would see the name of the song including the name of artiste who sang it, click on it.This would take you to the song page.

On the Song page, You would see the share icon at the top right corner, click on it. This would show a popup with various methods you can use to share the song. Scroll to the bottom and click on the “Copy Link” icon. With that, you have now copied the music link. The next step is to download the music.


Step 2: Download The Music or Song

After copying the song link, the next step is to download the Tik Tok song downloader app – SongTik (Get it on playstore). This is the app that would allow you download songs from Tik tok anytime and easily. The app is very handy and it also has a lot of functionalities that would enrich your tik tok experience.

Open the newly downloaded app and paste the link you copied into then link input box. You can do that by click on the “paste” Button or by long pressing the link input box and selecting paste. After that, click on the Download button. This would download the music or song to a “Tik Tok” sun-folder under your default phone music folder.

You can also navigate to the downloaded music by clicking on the download icon ion the toolbar of the app. This would open a download page that contains all the tik tok songs and audio files you have downloaded.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Song

Now that you have downloaded your song, you can continue to enjoy it.




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