Best Stock Trading and Financial Market News App in 2020 (Android & Ios)


So in this guide, we would be showing you the Best Stock Trading and Financial Market News App in 2020.  These apps can be downloaded in any country or part of the world and used to get financial news. If you are looking for the best stock analysis app to provide you with resource to help you make better decisions during trading, then you are at the right place. All the apps listed below have been tested by us and we have highligted their various pros and cons for you to weigh them before downloading. Some of these apps are available for free download while others may need little subscription fee to keep their platform running.

Every serious and professional trader wants to increase the value of their portfolio and one of the best way they achieve that is by exposing themselves to finance apps that provides them with the right economic and financial data, information and news that allows them make informed decisions during trading.

5 Best Financial Apps For Android and Ios is one of the top most reputable website and platform when it comes to providing financial news for traders, brokers and financial analysts. has both android app and ios app with an aggregated download of more than 15 million. This is one of the most downloaded and loved financial analysis app that got so much love from traders. This app offers a lot of features and functionalities that makes it better than the other trading apps. it has an average review of 4.5 from about 400,000 reviewers.

Other Investing.Com Features includes:

  • REAL TIME DATA AND LARGE provides real time update of more than 80,000 financial instruments. You can select your prefered financial instruments to view real time charts and updates.
  • FINANCIAL offers a lot of financial tools to its users ranging from Earnings Calendar, Currency converter, Real time charts, market quotes, forecasts, etc.
  • LARGE PORTFOLIOYou can get information on how to trade a variety of instruments like stock, forex, etc. You can get analysis on major stocks like Amazon, Tesla, etc.

2. Yahoo Finance (Playstore & Appstore)

Yahoo finance is undisputed the second on our list, with its amazing features and deep financial analysis. If you are looking for a platform that provide deep analysis of the financial market and economic situations, then this app is for you. It also provides it users with important features which includes:

  • Ability to track stock portfolios
  • real time stock news and personalised feeds
  • Deep financial analysis and historical
  • Stock Value comparison and evaluation
  • Set Notifications and price alerts for stocks
  • Earnings report, etc.

Yahoo finance also provide more financial tools than the ones listed above and you can gain access to them by upgrading to their premium plan at $349.99 annually.



3. CNBC: Breaking Business News & Live Market Data (Playstore & Appstore)

CNBC breaking news and financial live market data analysis app is available of playstore and android and it provide detailed financial news and data for its users. With most of its users from india, us and other part of the world, the app boasts of more than a million installs on playstore alone. On this app, you can view the latest economic and business news for free.

With this app, you can be updated and easily follow up on stock prices and flunctuations, etc. they also provide breaking news alerts. A lot of traders and financial individuals use this app daily.

4. Bloomberg: Market & Financial News (Playstore & AppStore)

Bloomberg is also one of the top most reputable source for business and economic news all over the world. Bloomberg is much loved because it allows a lot of customization to suit its users.  They provide all kinds of business and financial related news like stock market news, cryptocurrencies, stock markets, business, etc.

Bloomberg also provides you with the opportunity of customizing their app to track your personal portfolios. They also provide you with live market data and analysis. You can also sort news based on locations and other relevant factors. You can also subscribe to their premium package which costs $34.99/month.

5. MarketWatch (Playstore & Appstore)

If you are a fan of quality, well written and well researched market analysis, then Marketwatch is for you. With this app, you would be exposed to quality financial analysis. They provide articles and data on broad topics ranging from personal investments, finance, business, stocks, commodities, etc. You can always rely on this app to get correct market data and stock news. With more than a million downloads on playstore, this app stands with some of the biggest market analysis and financial app in the world.

Marketwatch App
Marketwatch App